foam dis4


Middle: YBS, YCC, RCC, Double Dish, Fully Coated& RBS

Bottom: Silicon Carbide Ball & Fully Coated Ball

Yellow Bare Swab (YBS): Comes with red coating on one end, (SWAB Only – No Coating)

  • Open Cell Soft Poly Urethane Foam Cylinder coated one end, comparable to chair cushion.
  • For cleaning loose debris, light drying and wiping or excessive water and/or drying condensation.
  • Gauging pipe I.D., line proving and pigging multi- diameter lines.
  • Can be used as a plug to protect the interior of pipe (i.e. sandblasting).
  • Used as a sealing pig behind another pig in multi wall or multi size pipes.
  • Can also be referred to as 1.5 lb. Or soft foam. Available in heavier Densities

Yellow Criss Cross (YCC)

  • Soft foam Criss crossed with poly coating for wiping and light cleaning.
  • Bullet nosed for multi-diameter, double dish for bi-directional and/or handling ropes.
  • Can be fully coated for sour service and other applications as well.

Stock sizes available for the ‘y’ series are 1½” O.D. 2½” O.D. and so on up to 48.5″ O.D.

Other sizes can be ordered as per request.


Red Bare Squeegee (RBS)

  • Open Cell Bare Poly Urethane Bullet Style Foam with coating on the back end for sealing.
  • Regular wiping, dewatering, gauging I.D., line proving and other soft product removal in any pipe.
  • 2.5lb., 3lb. and 4lb. are generally used for colder temperatures and softer applications, such as, PVC Pipe Liners, Multi Walls, etc.
  • 5Lb. Is the most common application. This Density is also referred to as medium or regular density.

Double Dish (Bi-directional)

  • The double dish style is an excellent dewatering pig. You have the ability to push the pig from behind as it pushes the product in front.
  • Criss Crossing it provides tough sealing power especially for hydro-testing.
  • Dished at both ends is an advantage for multiple passes back and forth for a good cleaning and in some coating styles (i.e. Ceramic Bead) can polish the inside of steel pipe.

Red Criss Cross (RCC)

  • Criss crossed with poly coating enhances longer distance and more ware resistance in harsher chemicals than the RBS Bare.
  • Removal of paraffin, condensate and other thick and/or soft internal deposits in steel or plastic pipe.
  • The Ultimate Hydro-Testing Pig known for it’s tough sealing power.

Red Criss Cross Wire Brush (RCCWB)

  • Self sharpening wire applied diagonally positioned for full coverage.
  • Removal of slag, rust, corrosion, paraffin wax, scale, bitumen and other hardened build up.
  • An excellent scraping pig used in steel pipe.

RBS Fully Coated

  • Poly coating sealing the entire pig, still very flexible for maneuvering bends.
  • Most resistant to harsh chemicals such as H2S, CO2, and diesel mix in short periods of time.
  • Can be used for batching instead of solid cast urethanes.


  • Plastic mesh molded into the foam for strength
  • Extra long mileage as compared regular mileage of a bare RBS.
  • Used in PVC, fiberglass, poly, epoxy lined pipe, steel pipe and more.


  • Sil C is used in applications where the internal deposits are hardened from heat such as fired heaters, exchangers and so on. Its sharpened edges are very abrasive and this type of application should be consulted before use.
  • Ceramic Bead is also a very hard coating with a smooth finish mainly for polishing.
  • Both of these coating are generally with heavier densities such as 8lb., 10lb and up.

Power Brush

  • A long distance de-burring/multi purpose cleaning pig. Alternative to expensive steel mandrel pigs with spring loaded wire brushes.
  • Can handle up to 250 miles of multiple passes, removing welding slag and polishing in new construction pipe. (Documented)
  • Available in Bullet, Double Dish and Double Nose Style.

Sizes available for the “R” series of Poly Foam Products start at 1/2” O.D. to 42” O.D.
The coatings above can be applied to all styles excluding mesh on balls.
Pull ropes and tow ropes can be attached into the pigs.
Products made in urethane can also be made out of foam (i.e. Foam Maxi Disc)
Other additives can be introduced for strength and speed (please consult within)