Abandonment Plugs

Abandonment Plugs Are the newest product on the market today for de-commissioning/abandoning pipelines, each and every plug is manufactured with precise sizing for each line and is made of high grade steels and urethanes. It is designed to permanently plug off lines and contain any seepage that may otherwise enter into the environment. Abandonment Plugsīƒ“ are a cost effective procedure and require no further maintenance.

Conventional plumbers plugs were not designed for abandonment of pipeline in the oil & gas industry, they do not fit most lines, they are made of rubber and therefore they will degrade and eventually disintegrate allowing possible environmental hazards. They were meant for plumbing.

Abandonment Plugs are NOT intended to contain pressure therefore controlled sales of these products must be enforced. This product is not sold directly as each line is to be consulted by a technician prior to use.