Urethane PigsGrim Reaper & Mandrel Pigs

GrimReaper2The Grim Reaper is a 100% Canadian Made urethane part pig for multi-purpose use and is the most customizable pig manufactured on the market.

Parts can be replaced saving money on the purchasing of a whole new pig. Cups are designed to be flexible for multi-wall thickness. Because of the pig being put together as per costumer requirements, the Grim Reaper can be made with flexibility, dressed with cups and/or discs in 60, 72, 85 and/or 90 durometer, stainless steel wire brush wheels, or gauging plates. The Grim Reaper can be made short for 45 or 90’s or extra long. The Grim Reaper pig comes with a handle for the nose for easy retrieval, and a threaded retainer with locking tow handle for extra security, capable for towing tracking systems. Durometers on Grim Reaper parts can be specified as required for the application.

Grim Reaper Sizes: 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, & 14″

Mandrel Pigs

MandrelSteel Body Mandrel Pigs are designed for long radius bends and long distance runs. Our Scraper Cups are designed with a deep squared off edge for maximum ware resistance.
(See: Scraper Cup page for sizes and more information)
Aluminum Gauging Plate for proving the line I.D. when uncertain of damaged pipe, bent pipe or when slag material may be present. The gauging plate is soft enough to nick or grove when pigging.
Or use a Wire Wheel Brush with Scraper Cups for maximum abrasive cleaning. Discs are also available for scraping and/or stabilizing the Mandrel when running.

Mandrel2This is an example of the common attachments for a Steel Body Mandrel. All parts are completely replaceable, saving time and money.
PPS Ltd. Stocks sizes: 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″
For Mandrels, Gauging Plates and Wire Wheel Brushes.
Other sizes can be manufactured.
Exact outside diameters upon request.
Wall thickness or inside diameter must be specified when ordering Gauging Plates.