Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of pipeline cleaners, known to the trade as ‘Pipeline PIGS,’ or ‘Poly PIGS.’

PIGS are designed to remove product build-up in pipes and can be designed to accommodate almost all your in-field application requirements.

Our foam PIGS are manufactured using flexible polyurethane foam and are available with various exterior coatings, such as urethane, stainless steel wire brush, mesh, and silicon carbide. All foam products can be made in a variety of densities ranging from 2lb to as high as 80lb. Our PIGS can also be made in various durometers (hardnesses) of polyurethane.

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd. manufactures urethane PIGS products such as: 

  • maxi discs,
  • specialty maxi discs,
  • poly foam pigs,
  • swabs,
  • urethane, foam & swab balls,
  •  scraper cups,
  • specialty maxi cups,
  • urethane and/or foam decoking pigs
  • endless tubing,
  • valve inserts,
  • and so much more.

Some of our PIGS products range in size from ¾” up to 48”, depending on the product being ordered.

We can customize your ‘pigging’ requirements to suit your specifications, and offer a wide variety of styles and types to choose from when designing your unique PIGS. We can ship any of our products worldwide, giving you access to the industry’s best pigging products no matter where you are.

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd. has been in business since 1994, and our dedicated team boasts over 25 years of combined industry experience to serve our customers well. We are conveniently located in the Nisku Industrial Park 15 minutes south of Edmonton, Alberta.

Why Customers Should Do Business With Us

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd. is a customer-focused company: our customers are our first priority.
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