Specialty Maxi Disc (SPD) Urethane Pigs

Our Poly Urethane Pigs are constructed of only high quality urethane, available in a variety of durometers (hardness), colors, numbers, foam cores, steel cores and styles to suit your needs.

All urethane products can also be made with our high quality polyurethane foam.

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The Specialty Maxi Disc Pig is a multi purpose pig; an excellent Pig for purging, scraping and heavy cleaning. The conical nose provides guidance past valves, flanges and can by-pass T’s to avoid hang-ups. SPD’s are for purging and heavy cleaning and can maneuver around tight 90° bends.

Specialty Maxi Discs are available with a hollow core or a solid core and can have 1 disc up to 6 depending on the size. Sizes range from 2″ up to 12″. All urethane pigs can be machined to specification if required. Wire Brush can be attached for extra scraping requirements.

Durometers available for urethane products are as follows:

60 Durometer

70 Durometer

80 Durometer

90 Durometer

*Can go harder than 90 Durometer if needed*

Pipeline Pigs at Work

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