YBS – Yellow Bare Swab

YBS poly pigs are normally used for light drying and wiping and can run for approximately 1 MI or 1.6 KM, but have been known to last longer. Swabs or YBS can also be used as a sealing pig.

Technical Specification PDF:
RBS RCCWB Style & Info


YBS are available in 2lb. density and are the softest and most flexible foam swab we offer. Also available are the HD Swabs, black in colour and are a higher grade of foam that can travel a little further than the white YBS Swabs. All YBS are available in bullet style, double dish style or balls.

Swabs can be purchased bare or with multiple varieties of urethane coating applications.

Additional information

Additional Information

YBS sizes range from 1/2" up to 48-1/2"

YBS series are also available with a variety of coating applications such as: Urethane coating on one end or both, fully coated, yellow criss cross, yellow long coat and can also be made into a bullet style. Lengths of Swabs can be adjusted, but are usually 1.5 times the O.D.


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